Our Mission

Marijuana FarmFor several years now, the cannabis industry has been navigating itself through the cultural crossroads of trying to coordinate local farmers, smart investors and cannabis cultivators into a normalized professional industry. It’s been a disaster here in Sonoma County.

The farmers who have been Sonoma County land owners for generations are not being paid a fair rent for their land. The investors are not providing fairly priced capital to the cultivators. The cultivators with cannabis experience are often incapable of navigating the regulatory environment, and worse, often stealing from the land owners on whose farm they grow.

The regulatory environment remains nearly impossible to predictively navigate for legal permits; the capital markets remain inefficient and dysfunctional; and industry operating standards continue to be both neglected and exploited.

Our mission is to coordinate the transparent, professional and fair operating platform for farmers, investors and cultivators to establish a model of sound agricultural practices and financial sustainability. And to re-establish those shared values of American farmers and heritage growers, which have been the defining characteristics of a rich agricultural heritage of Sonoma County’s farm community.

Atlas Agricultural is based on principles of the Granger movement, the coalition of American farmers who fought monopolistic business practices in the late 19th century. Today we are similarly fighting the onslaught of corporate interests and obdurate government regulatory agencies.

Our Economics


Investors have been investing in the burgeoning cannabis industry with trepidation for various reasons. While the market growth is explosive, the risks have been difficult to manage.

Atlas Agricultural provides investors with a fixed dividend based on conservative production projections on a fully compliant and well-located property, often secured with a trust deed on the property. The investor earns an approximately 50% return on its investment over four years. This is attractive to an investor. And it allows for long term financial stability for the operator.

land-ownersLand Owners

Farmers have been experiencing a myriad of difficult circumstances threatening the sustainability of their livelihood and the very essence of their farm culture. Our platform interrupts those failed consequences of competitive corporate capitalism on the farmers.

Atlas Agricultural provides the farmer (i.e., landowner) a substantial premium on rent – effectively earning approximately four times more than a conventional crop lease. This is very attractive to a farmer / landowner.


Some of the best cultivators have been part of an “underground” culture, with little or no participation in the bureaucratic regulatory environment. They have lacked the capital to endure the long, bureaucratic entitlement process, that has proven to favor corporate operators with tremendous financial wherewithal (and lobbying clout). Worse, the recent fires and pandemic have proven fatal to their last hope for financial recovery.

Atlas Agricultural provides these growers with a well located, fully compliant, fairly priced cultivation site as part of a venture with a best-in-class team. Net cash flow is shared between the cultivator and Atlas Agricultural on a sliding scale basis. Typically, the cultivator will act as its own investor by funding the development, further enhancing the cultivator returns. This is very attractive to a cultivator.